Welcome to Danby Invitation Quoit League                              

Danby has had a quoits team for well over a hundred years and the pitch itself is situated overlooking the village and blacksmiths shop.

This site will guide you around the Danby quoit League from the teams that play to the competitions its members play in.

It will give you an insight into the local history of quoits and how to play the game and understand the terminology and expressions used whilst playing a match.

Today the game of quoits still has the same romance as it had a century ago. Played in the setting of picturesque villages on warm, mid summer evenings, the air ringing out with the echo of quoits cascading up the valleys and the noise of friendly banter and laughter between players and supporters, the ancient game of quoits, played in timeless surroundings brings the village alive as it has for well over a century and more.

A century ago the very sound of quoits echoing out in the valley bottom would have any farm worker dropping tools and running from the fields to the village for a game of quoits because it was such a favourite pass time.

The quoit pitch in the summer months was for many a focal point of the village, a meeting place to play quoits and gather after long days in the fields or work place. Well before the days of electricity and motor vehicles the quoit pitch was a much needed part of village life, giving so many who played the ancient game many hours of  entertainment and pleasure.

          Today Danby quoit club is as passionate about the game of quoits than ever before.


      Danby quoit team of 1923  


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Danby Pitch
The Quoits pitch at Danby with a match under way

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